Brick - Ep24 - The Awesome Movie Podcast

January 11th, 2014

Episode 24 time and it's the 2005/2006 film Brick staring Joseph Gorden-Levitt and Emilie de Ravin.  This low budget indie film was the first real starring role in films for Levitt and it was written/directed by the guy who did Looper.   The guys get into the movie and it's almost a 50/50 split between lovers and not lovers.    E-Roc has a personal connection to the high school used in the film, there's lots of confusion about parts of this movie and then they try something new and answer dumb questions that people have posted in IMDB.   After all that madness they get into the usual what they've watched and THE PICCCKKEENNIINNNGG!     Enjoy!

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